My first impressions of the new Stream Finder

Dominate your league with the new Stream Finder


Last Friday The Fantasy Footballers released a new tool for #FootClan members at called the Stream Finder, and it is already one of my go-to tools for in-season roster and matchup planning. In this post, I will give a few examples of how it can be used in conjunction with other tools and your own knowledge to gain an added edge for your fantasy teams.

Identify Trends

The Stream Finder shows how many fantasy points every team’s defense has allowed to each position each week (in the case of DSTs, it shows how many points the opposing offense has allowed). Fantasy Points Allowed (FPA) and the associated weekly rankings are shown in a color-coded, graphical format that lets you easily see how each fantasy unit has performed to date and to identify trends to help you with your player acquisition and streaming strategy. Let’s look at some examples to see the Stream Finder in action.

Example #1 – Steelers vs. WR

Let’s say you need a wideout to cover Week 8 byes and you are considering adding Miami’s Preston Williams because he plays the Steelers, who are giving up the 12th most fantasy points to opposing wideouts. Before putting in your waiver claim, you pull up the Stream Finder to see how the Steeler’s D has done recently against wideouts, and you see that over the last four weeks they’ve been between 18th and 24th in FPA to wide receivers and that their 12th place ranking is primarily because they gave up the second-most and tenth-most points to wideouts in Weeks 1 & 2.

On top of that, you remember that the Steelers traded for DB Minka Fitzpatrick earlier this season and that it was expected that he would help improve their pass defense. A quick internet search confirms that the trade happened on September 16th and that Fitzpatrick was in the Steeler’s lineup starting Week 3. Not only is there a clear trend of improvement against wideouts, but there is also a logical reason behind it, so you can conclude that the Steeler’s D is really about 22nd in terms of giving up points to wideouts and that you can probably find better options.

Example #2 – Jets vs. DSTs

Now you are looking ahead for some good defensive streamers for future weeks, and you see in my Week 7 Deep Stream post that in Weeks 10, 11 & 12, the Giants, Redskins, and Raiders play the Jets and that their defenses are projected to have, respectively, the second, eight and fourth-highest DST scores those weeks. Pretty promising for three defenses that are readily available on waivers. However, you also know that the Jets were playing Luke Falk (and a little Trevor Simian) at QB for part of the season.

So, you again consult the Stream Finder, and you see that the Jets allow the second-most fantasy points to defenses for the year, but that most of those points did indeed come in Weeks 2 through 5 when the backup QBs were in due to Spleen Darnold’s medical issues. In the two weeks that Darnold did start, the Jets were 15th on average in terms of Fantasy Points Allowed to DTSs. So, picking up otherwise-poor defenses for matchup-based plays against the Jets is probably not a good idea.

Example #3 – O.J. Howard vs. Seattle, Arizona

Let’s do a proper dumpster-dive for our last example. In this scenario, you are desperate at tight end (duh), and you have decided to hang onto O.J. Howard because the Deep Stream projects him to have respectable Week 9 & 10 scores thanks to positive matchups against Seattle and Arizona. Here is what the Stream Finder shows us for those defenses against tight ends:

We see that the Seahawks and Cardinals have allowed at least the eight-most points to tight ends in all but three weeks combined and that those three weeks were all against teams that consistently have very weak tight end production (New Orleans, Arizona, and Cincinnati). So, in this case, nothing in the Stream Finder should scare you away from these matchups (though playing O.J. Howard should scare you, regardless of the matchup).

These are just three examples of the power of the new Stream Finder tool, a powerful addition to your fantasy toolkit that already includes (or should) The Footballers’ weekly rankings and consistency charts, articles from their amazing writing staff, my own weekly streaming article, and, of course, The Fantasy Footballers podcast. That’s an arsenal suitable to dominate any fantasy league.

Please share any insights you uncover from using the Stream Finder below or on Twitter. As always, comments and feedback are also welcome.

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Bahahahahaha! Indeed! Great work as always, Dan. I was a little unsure of some aspects. This helps alot. Thank you! Headed over to check out your deep stream now


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