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My First Round Pick


So I am in a 1/2 PPR league and I have the 3rd overall pick in a keeper pool. I am keeping AJ Green and Dez.

Now that all of the keepers have been submitted I know that I need to draft an RB with my first pic and after going through who I think the 2 guys a head of me are picking I am looking at drafting one of these RB’s.

Jordan Howard
Marshawn Lynch
Lamar Miller
Isaiah Crowell
Leonard Fournette

Who would you guys take?

I’m leaning towards Howard but I hate drafting the go to player on a terrible team.


I am also skeptical about Howard, but I would lean between Miller and Crowell. But in PPR with duke johnson in cleaveland being the primary pass catching back I would lean Miller.


by all accounts, crowell will be the main back, including taking most of the pass catching responsibilities out of the backfield. they are talking about throwing duke in the slot more often than not. i mean crowell still caught 40 passes last year even with duke taking most of that role.


howard will be the consensus pick for sure. me, i scratch lynch of my list, and then 1 of those 4 are my choice. but i think miller might actaully be my last pick of the 4. i flip flop a lot on these guys, but miller always tends to be my low man. if anything, im just aiming for crowell. i love howard and the spot he is in, i just like his look for next year better.


Problem with Crow is that like Howard, he’s on what is projected to be a bad team with negative game scripts for the RB position. Unlike Howard, I don’t think Crow is a very talented player, although he has a primo offensive line as a point in his favour.

Honestly I think all of the above are in the same tier. You could make a case for any one of these guys and I wouldn’t hate it.


I would lean Fournette or Crow. Fournette has the highest upside of all just due to physical talent that can’t be taught. Crow has a better O line and should be the bell cow. Clevelands defense is awful and what worries me about Crow is that they will be losing a lot and they may not be able to run as much as they want. The Jags defense is solid and should be in games with a chance to run more.


yeah im in the same boat. its why i keep flip floppin on them. and i do get your point about crowell, its my biggest concern about him. i know its crazy, but i honestly think they stay in quite a few games this year and are not nearly as bad. but, only the pudding has that truth.


Why not take one of the big 3 receivers and try to move one of your keepers? Almost all of those players you listed should be available at the turn, in addition to Murray and some more RBs.

To me, a team with Julio/OBJ/Brown plus your keepers in WR/WR/Flex plus whoever you can get as a turn at RB seems more tempting than what you’re proposing.


i can get behind this idea. chances are, one of those guys just might fall to you anyway. i mean your RB situation will not look very good, but having solid WRs helps a ton.


I’d go Howard no doubt. He’s going to get a lot of work. He is a bigger back that can make big plays. I like that combo. He doesn’t have the greatest hands but the Bears did target him in the passing game last year. There should be improvement for him in that area this year. I am a Bears fan so take that how you would like.


Especially since it’s PPR. Howard and Lynch are not good receivers, to put it lightly, Miller could be, or could have to be, depending on Houston’s QB situation (another variable), Crow and Fournette will fall to the 2nd or even 3rd for you if you are sold on one of those guys.

Keep it simple


I thought about picking a receiver with my first pick and having 3 stud receivers. I did that last year and my RB situation killed me. I don’t have a 2nd round pick so I would be picking a running back in the 3rd round and with what is available in round 1, there is no way I am getting a starting running back in the 3rd round in this league.

I have to choose an RB in round #1. As of today, it’s between Miller and Howard.


Always always always have a reliable RB. In the leagues I trend, every team who has made the playoffs had a reliable RB.

Look at the constancy rankings for Miller:

He isn’t bad, and last season was not a good situation. We can use that as his floor.

Crow isn’t that talented, and with the QB situation mixed with O-Line injuries, I do not want him as my RB1. Lynch shouldn’t be in this list.

Howard - Will get great yards, but won’t score many TDs. If he does score TDs he is top 5 to me.
Fournette - The safest option available, he will get carries everywhere on the field. Guarantee RB1 value.
Miller - He will have big play ability, but may struggle in short yardage situations. If Watson starts Miller could be huge.

I would go with Fournette myself. They are just going to use him…a lot.


Hey guys so here is my final roster. Thoughts?