My Gurley and Freeman for Bell and Landry, Team inside

QB; Brees,
RB; Gurley, Freeman, Kamara, Crowell, Powell,
WR; Green, Evans,Cooper, Parker Sheppard, Doctson
TE; Gronk

Are you trying to target Bell for playoffs?

Follow-up: Because I don’t think Gurley/Freeman are equal to Bell/Landry

Basically lol

The thing is Landry is just a throw away. Flex option at best with the rest of your weapons. So, your plan is to start Bell and Kamara and #1 & #2? It’s not bad, but you are giving up a good amount and I don’t think it will pan out to be equal E.O.S.

I’d keep Gurley and Freeman. Worst case you start them both along with Kamara with one being in the flex.

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