"My Guy" League Concept - What do you think?

I feeling a little inspired by my favorite FFBs podcast episode & general topic: ‘My Guy’.

If anyone is interested in helping create a format for fun I have two ideas so far:

  • “My Guy” - You pick your guy week by week. Two twists could be no one in the top 50 or maybe no one in the top N tiers of player. Must be unique choice. No Draft.
  • “My Guys” - Pick your fav Team & select 1QB, 2RBs, 2WRs week by week. No Draft. Total Roster must be unique.

I like the idea of keeping it quick & easy. I’m currently at work fleshing out the code to build it.

I’d love to hear your ideas here!!! Love, hate, tweak the idea? Leave your email if you’d just like notifcation of going live.

The second option looks like more fun. Maybe add a flex spot that could be a def or kicker as well a WR or RB. That way some one can try to show off their savy picking skills.
Make the kicker scoring a little boosted so someone can play one if they think its a poor team offense week. My league uses 3pt for a FG under 30 yds., and then +3 over 30,+40 over 40, etc. Makes it hard to swallow a loss when someone plays the best K for the week >: )

You just blew my mind with a Flex kicker.

A little progress this morning…

I’ve gotten some good feedback on this format on a fantasy football facebook group I’m a part of. One topic that keeps coming up is Drafting & do you draft 'Your Team" exclusively so I’d love to hear some thoughts on this here too:

Should you be able to draft “Your Team” exclusively? Personally I like the idea that more than one player can choose a team. Maybe a fun idea to introduce some randomness is that a Flex position could be anyone from any team???

PS: I’ve got creation/view/edit & locked in states for the weekly rosters working now.