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"MY GUYS" episode. What'd you think?


To recap:

Andy – Newton, Doug Martin, Gurley
Mike – Crabtree, Martavis, Diggs
Jason – Dak, Ertz, Ingram

What do you think? Who would you add?


Awesome episode. I would add Kelvin Benjamin. I think he will do great this year with the strength of schedule for Carolina’s QBs+WRs. Cam’s bounce back season will be very nice for his huge #1 red zone target.


Kelvin could have such high upside! …I just want to see both he and Cam play in a preseason game together before I spend the necessary draft capital on him (because of his current ADP).


I would add D Murray. Everyone is talking about how henry is looking awesome and all of that. But Murray was amazing last year and shows no sign of downsizing. He is perfect for Mariotta in that system and I think he will have a year like last year. If freeman isn’t available around the 1st turn I would easily go Murray over Howard and Gordon!


Yeah. I think we’re still a year early on writing off DeMarco. Seems like many of us still have a hangover from his 800 carry season with the Cowboys followed by the down year in Philly.


Having had a real (non-mock) draft under my belt, I think I have a few “My Guys” to offer:

  • Eric Decker - Woefully undervalued. Should be the #1 WR on his team once he’s healthy. And he seems to be going very late in drafts. Great late round value, if you’re willing to punt on your last WR for a while.

  • CJ Anderson - So easy to hate on him right now. But we’re one season away from a huge contract and ineffective guys behind him. If you’re willing to draft with confidence for the first chunk of your season (because you’re expecting to make some trades and take advantage of waivers), then he’s a safe, relatively inexpensive bet.

  • Andrew Luck - Ok, I really don’t want him on my team, but his injury now has him often going as the 8th (or later) QB off the board. Again: value. Sammy Biscuits has an easy Week 1 matchup, so you can pair them up. Grab him in the 16th round and you’re set.

  • Jonathan Stewart - I think he’s basically free now after all the McCaffrey hype. Also in his favor: Cam is going to try to run early in the season. Then Cam is going to get walloped yet again. And McCaffrey (like Edelman and Welker before him) is going to look great early season but get banged up from too many hits in the middle of the field. And the Panthers are going to have to go back to Old Reliable. He’s basically the Frank Gore of this team.


I drafted Newton martin and gurley before I heard the episode… Dam you fantasy Reaper. I’t going to be a long year.


to be honest, I love all of those picks


what do I think? I think Andy may not like to win at Fantasy Football…