My Hopkins for Fournette + Sanu

I’m in a 10 team ppr and one of the other members offered me Sanu + Fournette for my Hopkins. My other WRs are Cooper, Tate, Kupp, Jeffery, and Edelman. My RBs are Gordon, Howard, and Burkhead.

For some reason I’m more tempted than I thought I’d be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I wouldn’t in a PPR league. Your WR would be very thin after this trade and your RB are pretty solid I think. I would want another WR of a higher caliber than Sanu in the trade if I did it.

I think you should ask for more. Sanu is not of much use since Falcons have Jones plus drafted Ridley. Look at his/her roster and see what else is available on their roster. Fournette will have a heavy volume but primarily from running. Jags may have lost Lee (their no 1) so may be running more.

Jags just placed Lee on IR. Does this change anything? Wouldn’t this just increase Fournette’s value?

Nah, fournette iirc isn’t really a pass catcher.

Lee going on IR would just boost Chark, Moncrief and the other WRs.

Get a real WR and I’d consider it. In my view is a one for one in which you have to also drop a bench player. No thanks.