My Hunt for his Evans?

The owner made it known to me that I could get Evans off his roster for Hunt straight up. Its in a full PPR and my other RBs are: Zeke, Freeman, Crow, Martin. And my other WRs are: Allen, Pryor, D. Adams, and Hilton.

I’m very tempted but I kind of feel like I’m overpaying without seeing what Evans is like this year. Thoughts?

That is a tough one. You may be overpaying, though you could use a solid high floor/upside WR… You are stacked with RB’s. But I believe he should add something, and you should work something out with him, because you could use another solid WR.

I initially offered him Freeman for Evans but he said Freeman has too tough a matchup this week. The owner is a very week to week points based guy.

If I were you I would do this trade for sure and I would feel safe in seeing all of the RB depth you have. You really don’t have an elite wide receiver (Hilton could be but Luck is going to have to come back and play well). Evans will be a top 5 WR again this season. The Tampa offense is going to be really good.

I guess this isn’t as tough for me, I’d accept that immediately. You already have two elite RBs in Zeke and Freeman but not really any true WR1s, Evans would solve that problem.

I sent him Freeman/Pryor for Evans and M Thomas. I’m sure he’ll decline and then I’ll counter with what he really wants. Part of me feels like that might be the best Hunt will ever be but another part of me feels like Hunt’s floor isn’t that far below his ceiling.

I ended up trading him Hunt and Pryor for Evans and M Thomas.

Now someone offered me Demarco Murray and Devante Parker for my Freeman. That one I’m skeptical about. I feel like I just got to the point where my WRs are on the same level as my RBs. I don’t want to swing too far the other way.