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My Keeper Options & 3rd Overall Pick


Greetings, Forum! Matt here!

After being retrofitted into my friends keeper league, I have survived year one without having to house a losers trophy this offseason. I’d like to give myself the best chance going into this year so I am looking for some feedback on who I should keep before I announce to the other coaches on this Sunday (20th).

For reference (please see attached), I am in a 10-man, 2-keeper league, full point PPR snake draft starting (1) QB, (2) RB’s, (3) WR’s, and (1) Flex(RB/WR/TE) each week. I am picking 3rd overall this year. All of the keepers haven’t been announced yet, BUT the definite top available options this year, to give some perspective, are Leveon Bell, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Ezekiel Elliot (despite the 6 games), Rob Gronkowski, & Dez Bryant.

With the 3rd overall and especially with my league settings I would love to be able to draft Julio Jones third. Any counterarguments there? I fully anticipate Bell & Brown to go 1.01/1.02.

As for my two keepers, I could take the following:
-Gronk (1st)
-Theo Riddick (7th)
-Stefon Diggs (9th)
-Tyrell Williams (10th)
-Jameis Winston (16th)

I dig Diggs. Are Theo’s wrists healthy; will he be used in the red zone as early reports suggested, or are Kenny G’s routes TOO smooth? WIll Tyrell see his share after the year one breakout while in the midst of a healthy Keenan Allen? Is he worth keeping simply to have a solid WR3/4? Is the hype around Jameis worth forgoing one on the aforementioned for the sheer value? Is there any plausible case for Gronk 3rd overall, esp with all the performance bonuses in his contract? …Are you all still here? Let me have it!

Thank you all for your perspective in advance, and may the preseason not ruin everything!

P.S. - Zach, you still suck.


Winston, Williams, diggs are all going close to the same rounds you would get them in the draft.

Theo is someone in PPR I would keep.

Gronk isn’t awful at 1st round but prob alittle too rich…

So I’d go Theo and that’s it.

But if your forced to go 2… Just choose between diggs and Williams… Whichever you prefer… I’d prefer diggs


Well I commented on your other thread but you’ve now given more info, namely ppr, 10 team league.

Gronk is a hard no. Julio is a much better option there.

Riddick is being drafted in the 8th so keeping him for a 7th would be…unwise.

Diggs is 7th round pick. 9th round = value.

Williams Is being drafted in the 10th, so there’s no value there.

Jameis is being drafted in the 9th. You get him for your last pick. Value.

So as you see there is only two options that hold any value, Diggs and Jameis. So that is who you should keep.