My Keepers Toss Up

I need to select 2 keepers for this upcoming fantasy year. The keepers I pick cost me no draft picks but I’m stuck and have it down to 3 players. Half-PPR 1qb 2wr 2rb 1te 2flex 1k 1dst


Who should my 2 keepers be???

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What are the starting requirements?

No draft cost, and you can keep Saquon and CMcC? Wow, I’d absolutely go that route. True Nuk can end the year at WR #1, but keeping two of the best pass-catching RBs gives you a leg up; they are workhorse backs, a rarer thing. WR is a deeper position, and I don’t think CMcC will be scaled down significantly enough to warrant avoidance. Seems like a playoff bound beginning.

Honestly, I dont think there is a bad answer here. They are all in the same tier, for my money.

Keeping the RBs seems most correct as WR is deeper (as Sack said). That being said, Saquon’s value is probably a bit higher than CMC so if you kept Nuk I would keep Saq and Nuk.

Do you know your draft position yet?
I’d go CMC and Barkley for the value, but Hopkins is the safest of the 3

Draft 7th overall via a trade from last season. 12 team league

To me it MIGHT depend on who everyone else keeps, but as people have said there’s not really a bad choice here. It might come down to whether you think you can get a better WR or RB at 7

Barkley and CMC. Two workload pass catching backs, sucks to drop Hopkins, but this isn’t a choice for me.

I also love Hopkins, but I would take the two elite rb’s and try find value at wr later.