My league has a super team

Its just depressing watching this guys point total every week. 1/2 PPR withthe standard QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, Def, K lineup. this dude is averaging 150 points per game. the previous record for this league for an average weekly score was 117 (hasn’t always been PPR). Somehow he is only 7-1. His one loss he put up 117 but his opponent scored 150 in week 3.

He has 1201 points scored, the second highest is 910. I feel like I have a solid team but feels like the best I can hope for is second.

Who’s he got?

Aaron Jones
Tyreek Hill, who has only had 2 good weeks
Marvin Jones
and of course NE DST,

Pre season this team doesn’t seem that good…

Its a yahoo league so it has those record books you can look at.

leads league with 6.12 TD per week, 312 rushing yards per week and 323 receiving yards per week.

I mean Preseason it seems pretty good to me.

Lamar is a stud and anyone who got him after like the 7th round was going to get a steal. His RB’s are stacked. Kind of weak at WR, but Hill was projected as a top 5 WR. Hooper was meh at draft time.

Hooper and the NE Def are the only 2 that I would say have “surprised this year.”

Jones has been better than expected, but he was still projected as an RB1.

I didn’t think it was a bad team. But preseason you wouldn’t have thought this team was destroying the league.

I thought my team was solid and I have 300 less points than him, but a lot of that is TE.

Josh Allen
Josh jacobs
Davonta Freeman
Kupp (didn’t play the first 3 weeks which cost me a win and 30 points)
Godwin (only played week 3 in first 4, the 1 dud week he had in that stretch)
Robert Woods
Had Dissley but now streaming TEs and Def (have Buf and Pit right now)

Damn, thats a good lineup. Our leagues super team is

Marlon Mack
Hunter Henry
Pats D

Somehow with all that I’m tied for 1 and am only like 20 points total behind him.

You’re pretty set man your self. Lamar And the NE DST will start seeing tougher opponents. You’ve got two of the top 5 WRs with Zeke and Jacobs who has a great RoS schedule. He’s lost once already so it definitely can be done.

I just noticed the 9th place team has Watson and Wilson, Ertz and Andrews. I just offered Robert Woods, Josh Allen, brats and Freeman for Wilson and Andrews. According to Yahoo my point total goes up by 50 ROS and there’s goes up by 30.

I too face a super team in my league, and sitting in second place it just feels frustrating to think that despite having a solid team myself, barring an injury it’s just going to be incredibly difficult to pull off a win against him.

He’s 8-0, i’m 6-2

His roster (starting lineup)
QB: Mahomes
RB: Mccaffrey, Cook
WR: Godwin, Golladay
TE: Engram
Flex: Robinson

Kicker and D are streamed

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In a head to head league don’t even sweat it, it just takes one good week to beat a super team. My team in has an average of 143 points a week and 255 more points than the team in first place - yet im 5-3.