My League is Coming After DJ

12 team 0.5PPR

1st offer
-David Johnson for Michael Thomas

2nd offer
-David Johnson & Mike Williams for Christian Mcaffrey

3rd offer (random)
-Zach ertz for Kyle Rudolph & Demaryius Thomas

I know these trades are not easy to evaluate, you guys think I would benefit from any of these based on my team layout below? I’m leaning to saying no to all of these, possibly considering the mcaffrey trade though.

Cam Newton
David Johnson
Gio bernard
Mike Williams
Sammy Watkins
Tyler Lockett

Larry fitz
Doug baldwin
John brown
Deion lewis
Joe mixon

Thanks guys

i want DJ offers. :slight_smile:

have not got a one


I would say yes to either of the first two hands down. The cardinals look really bad and the outlook for DJ is bad. The MT offer is the one I would accept and I would take that ASAP. I don’t like the 3rd one because Demaryius Thomas isn’t good this year, he’s been on the decline for years and I don’t see him rebounding in a middle of the pack offense.

Edit: I misread the second offer thinking you were receiving Williams. It’s a much more even trade than I initially thought.


The first one is the only one i’d really consider.

CMC is good but idk if he can keep this up season long. At least with MT you know he’s a top 5 WR even if production starts to dip.


I would do David Johnson for Michael Thomas. MT is a beast, and hes the clear throwing option in that offense. Saint’s D doesn’t look as good as we hoped so MT might set a record for receptions and yards. The 2nd option isn’t bad considering you don’t have great RB depth. If you do take the first one, see if you can flip some of the WRs for some RB depth. Print the 3rd option out, use it as toilet paper, send it back to whoever offered that.


DJ for Michael Thomas is a no brainer


This. Like i’d package Fitz+Baldwin for a solid RB

Unfortunately those two players are just about untradable in my league right now. And given that I’m 1-2, I don’t know if I can afford to wait for them to regain some value. In a vacuum I definitely agree with you guys about Michael Thomas. Let me see if I can work out something on the side for an rb.

Thanks guys!

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Baldwin+Fitz are totally tradeable but you have to set your value low. Like Baldwin+Fitz for Kerryon ish. I mean maybe not the perfect example but you just need to swap them for a startable RB.

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take thomas he is on fire, most receptions through three games ever. Brees is going his way a ton and no one can stop it haha

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Even with your RB scarcity, I would do the Michael Thomas trade immediately if I were you. Then go out and trade at least a few of Fitz/Brown/Baldwin/Watkins/Williams for a RB2. That way you can clear some room on your bench for RBs off the waiver.


Man, in the end I would suggest to hold and see what next week brings, hopefully you’ll end up 2-2 and in a better position.
The Michael Thomas trade is the most tempting. I’d say if Mixon were healthy or if you had another no-brainer RB1 to accept that trade.

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While I like the MT trade, and then do what others said in packaging other WRs for a RB2, I would probably pass. Or I would work a trade ahead of time to see what you can get with the other WRs first. Then you can tell if your RB corp is serviceable.

No doubt MT is awesome. I believe DJ will get it sorted.

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Yeah it’s definitely conflicting cause I’ve been working hard to dish him out and now that people are coming after him, I’m realizing that it’s probably best to hold right now. I feel like a few weeks from now my wr options should hopefully be more solid. Definitely hard to say no to Thomas though.

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MT is on an impossible-to-sustain pace, as much as I hate saying that because I have him in my league. DJ was a #1 overall pick for most people for a reason. I agree - wait to see if that comes to fruition. MT is amazing to have but he is at his highest value possible right now I think.


Definitely hard to pass on MT. But I am not sure it holds at this level, much the same way DJ does not hold at his. Clearly could be wrong, but that is how I look at it.

either of first two are for sure takes for me

MT is on Fire right now, so I would do that deal…NO and Brees have a prolific offense and he is the clear WR1. They are looking to get him as many touches as he can handle. I would do it. Cards Offense is anemic and it looks like they don’t know how to utilize him. This is coming from someone who owns both MT and DJ…

I packaged DJ and Emmanuel Sanders and got OBJ and Kenyan Drake.

Your stacked at WR. Just keep DJ. I have him too and I’m suffering through this slump but he’s going to come around. There’s been a change at the QB and he and fitz will benefit from it.