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My League Keeper System (HELP!)


Hello anyone,

I put together a economic based league using all Auction/FAAB for pretty much any type of player acquisition. I tend to be real wordy and jumbled so I wanted to put down the explanation of our Keeper system on a Google Doc so that people in the league may refer to it. Before I send it out to the rest of our league, I just wanted to see if everything looks clear and concise but also if I might be missing any scenarios. Also, I am definitely open to more ideas in making this economic-based league work.

Thank you :grinning:

Auction Keeper Format

You can keep up to three players from last years roster for the $ amount you spent on them in the draft, OR, if it was a free agent pickup, you can keep them for $1.

The max you can keep a player is for 3 years following the original year drafted (total of 4 years.) If you keep a guy from last season, you get to keep the player at the original draft price you got him for. If you decide to keep that same player for the season after that, an additional $10 would be added to the original price you drafted them for.

Example: Le’Veon was drafted for a $10, then in 2017 he would cost $10 and then to keep any year beyond it will be $10 more.

2017 - Drafted L.Bell for $10
2018 - To keep L.Bell it will cost same price as you got him ($10)
2019 - To keep L.Bell it will cost $15 (add $10 to player’s value every year)
2020 - To keep L.Bell it will cost $20 Add $10 to player’s value every year.

Pick up to three players to keep this year, you do not have to use all three keeper slots. The total dollar amount you from your keepers will be deducted from your draft budget. Our league draft budget is $200.

Picking-up players that were NOT DRAFTED are valued at whatever dollar amount the owner paid to get that player.

Traded Keepers

_Example A: I trade for Aaron Rodgers ($1, 2017). You want to keep him for 2018 season then he will cost $1. If I want to keep him in 2019 then his value jumps $10 ($10 increase to the original value). In 2020, his value jumps up to $20. _
_ _
Example B: I trade for Aaron Rodgers at a $1 value 2018. He would have keeper eligibility reset for the new owner but at his current value and then increases +$10 in year three.


You have contradicting rules.


Yikes! Thank you for noticing that and I will change that. Thank you very much!


No worries bud. Fellow commish’s have your back.