My league mate really wants to trade for Jacobs, what offer should I make to him? (Both of our rosters in post)

It’s a 10 team money league, I’m currently in 4th place, he’s in 6th. I also currently have the #1 waiver priority, so I’m just waiting to use it on the right rb, I think. Although, Curtis Samuel was dropped, and I’m thinking about picking him up. Rbs Jaylen Samuels and Justin Jackson are on the wire too but I don’t think I’ll be using my #1 priority on them.

It’s a half ppr league, 6 point passing td, full point for 1st downs, plus bonus points for 40 yd plays, and other custom scoring.

We start 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, one te, 2 flex, 7 bench , 1 IR spot, one k, one def. Him and I usually stream defenses. I stream kickers too.

He has made me an offer of Cooks and Singletary for Jacobs but I was told on a previous post better trades were made for Jacobs than that. He also recently asked for Waller but I like the 2 tes that I have, and the wire is pretty thin right now for tes. He asked for Hopkins too but it’s tough for me to trade him since I started out my draft with Adams and Hopkins!! Here’s our rosters


Qb: Goff

Wrs: Adams, Hopkins, Kupp, Westbrook, Kirk, McLaurin, Hardman.

Rbs: Carson, Jacobs, Breida, Cohen, Penny.

Te: Waller, Engram.

His roster

Qbs: Ryan, Prescott

Wrs: JuJu, Cooks, Fuller, D Jax, Gallup, MVS, Metcalf, Pettis.

Rbs: Elliott, Fournette, Ekeler, Gordon, Singletary.

Te: Howard.

I’m open to making a multiplayer trade, but which trade should I make that’s going to be fair and help my team?

Thanks in advance!!

Maybe take the angle of going Jacobs + Waller for an elite player like Juju who had a tough week 1. Not sure he’d go for it but never hurts to ask. I prefer Jacobs to all of his players minus Elliot and Juju.

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Anyone else have advice? I’m really curious to see what others suggest.

I was thinking the same thing out together a package for Juju or maybe a 3 for 2 that would give u ekler and juju in return

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