My league sucks - trade vetoes

Hey All,

I am in a keeper league where tanking is encouraged. Once you are 1-7 people start trading good players for future draft picks. Half-PPR. 5 PT QB TDs.

I am 1-7 right now and officially in tank mode and someone in the league offered me JUJU Smith Schuster (keeper value is sacrificing a 13th round) and a 6th round pick next year for Patrick Mahomes (keeper value is a 6th round pick) and my 10th rounder next year.

Everything I see says that the trade value for Juju is higher Mahomes by itself but i’m also getting JuJus keeper value along with a 6th. The commissioner vetoed the trade and forced a renegotiation because I was getting screwed and that Mahomes is worth way more then Juju and a 6th…

I think that’s bullshit and they are just completely wrong. Thoughts? Do you think this value is even if not in my favor?

It is way in your favor. Your commish is dumb

So from what i understand, on paper it looks like;

Juju + 6th round (lose 13th)


Mahomes + 10th round (lose 6th)

If this is correct, i feel like Juju wins and its not even close? Unsure as to what your commishioner is seeing/thinking

Maybe he meant to tell the OTHER person in the trade that it was too lopsided lol

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He just really values QBs a lot and keeps bringing up the fact that he is currently the number 1 fantasy player. Qbs are not valued the same as Gurley or Hopkins though. Bout to drop this league

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There’s literally a dozen QB’s you can safely start every week and everyone can only start 1, who cares if mahomes is #1, JuJu is a top 20 reciever on a pass-heavy offense.

Makes no sense lol

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