My League Thinks I’m Sandbagging

I am first in my fantasy league with a 3 game advantage going into this week, so the first spot is a lock going into playoffs. Currently I have Mixon and Golladay out with uncertain timelines, so I’m rostering backup WRs and RB2s like Edmonds/Dobbins/Lazard/ Gore in case I need to lean on my bench in the playoffs. I am down 30 pts in my matchup with Lockett and Pittsburgh D/ST left to play, projected to lose by 3 pts, but am not rostering a kicker. My league is debating forcing me to roster a kicker this week even though I don’t want to drop any of my options right now for any of the available kickers, but am looking to pick a kicker up on waivers on Wednesday. In particular, one player is upset because the playoff race is tight and I am playing him next week. He has a good team that has been affected by injuries (Ekeler, McCaffrey, Ridley, etc.) and thinks I am sandbagging to give my opponent the win to keep my opposing player above him. Am I in the wrong or is my league soft for even debating this?

Unless your league has a clear cut rule that says you must start a full and legal lineup each week then you’re the owner and can play whoever you want. If others don’t like it, play better.