My Lindsay and Enunwa FAAB bids

I’m in a 12 team full point PPR league with nothing on waivers beside the players who broke out week 1.


It’s out of $100 for the season. Fist year using FAAB, do these bids seem ok?

Those are the standard bids. Need to judge your leagues and your personal needs.

For example, I am bidding 30 for Lindsay cause my league is pretty competitive and I really need an RB but in a normal league, 20-25 is fine. I try to make my bids not rounded because if everyone bids 20, it gets pushed to waiver priority. I like to bid odd amounts like 23 or something to out bid people by 1-3 dollars.

15-20 for enunwa is fine as well.

those aren’t my exact bids, people from my leagues use these forums and I’m not trying to give exact bids lol. I have a really solid team but there are teams in my league that are hurting and I want a strangle hold on the talent since it’s rare in the waiver. I need Enunwa more since my WR are my weakest…

Gordon, McCafferey , Drake, Miller, barber

Fitz, Hogan, Goodwin, stills, john brown

I would def make Enunwa your priority. Better to lock down a WR from waivers than to have a “stranglehold” on a potential RB in an RBBC. Would increase your bid on Enunwa to secure. Allison and Godwin should also be targets if they are available.