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My Live Draft Tool


Our league will be using my customized Google Sheets draft board again this year and I wanted to share it with the group. It’s worked really well for us and we prefer it over the big online draft tools. It’s all free BTW. I did a write up about it on my web site here: http://greggreno.com/draftday/

Let me know what you think or what improvements should be made.


One more thing. This year I was thinking about what I would want to see if I could only have a single page to look at during the draft. This is what I came up with and added to the draft tool. Guys on the list are automatically removed as the draft progresses.


This is freaking amazing… Thanks for posting this… Already got our draft board for this year so still gonna do it old school this season… But next year I def plan on running this.

It looks like this is set up for just snake draft…
Is there any easy way to make this work with auction?

Like put prices next to players when you get them on your team.? And like a nomination area where people drag the player they want to bid on and drop where all league memebers can see.

If not no worries.

Very cool… And thanks again for posting looks like this prob took alot of time to make.


Thanks Frosty - I appreciate that.

This is designed for a snake draft, but I like the idea of expanding it for an auction draft. I’d have to give that some thought as I’m not sure it would be better to add that capability to this master board, or have a separate one just dedicated to auction drafts. It could keep track of each owner’s remaining budget.

One way to hack this current version would be using the Bye Week field. If you start with all the bye week fields blank, at the time a player is picked, the league manager enters the price paid into the bye week field in the player worksheet, then when they enter the player name on the master board, it will show that price paid instead of the bye week that shows now.