My Melvin and 2019 1st for his Cohen and hunt?

What do you all think?

I have a really good feeling about Cohen in an offense coordinated by mark Helfrich, as an oregon ducks fan. If trubisky can lead this team to a decent season Cohen ought to be alright. And if not there will be lots of passing downs for him so that’s good too?

I don’t see hunt as a huge downgrade from Melvin Gordon so I think I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Depends on the value of the 1st. If it’s high, no. If you think it will be 8-12, then yes. Hunt and Gordon balance out basically but I think Hunt may have more upside and he is younger by a smidge. To me, it’s Cohen for the 1st. I personally wouldn’t trade a 1st for a player who has yet to prove anything really in the regular season. That said, next year’s draft is heavy on WR and light at RB as it stands now so if you’re good at WR, GO FOR IT!

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Who wins this?

He’s offering penny and a first now…

No way. Penny could straight up be a bust. He’s currently behind Chris Carson for Pete’s sake.

I got guice and a first…

However, i am in a dynasty league (which is where i made this trade) and I personally think penny is 5x the asset of chris carson.

Right. Sorry. I got confused since the heading is about the Hunt/Gordon trade offer. I thought you were trading Gordon for Penny and a 1st. That would be ridiculous. So if this is for James Conner, you made out great with Guice and a 1st for sure. Nice and as a sort of bonus, you can stash Guice on IR and have a free roster spot. Sorry about the confusion. Penny and a 1st for Conner is doable but you knocked it out. Great trade!

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