My most recent trade!

Over night I traded Trey Burton and Landry for Kittle and Stills. Thoughts?

I like Landry better than any player in this trade by far. The difference maker though would be your scoring format and the rest of your lineup. In a vacuum I’d taked the Burton and Landry side, but it’s not too bad on either side. Landry has top 12 upside (scoring format dependent) but Kittle looks like an upgrade from Burton. I do think Burton will be good this year though.

Not crazy about it. Burton could very well end up being better than Kittle. If it’s PPR or 1/2 PPR, Landry will be a lot better than Stills

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I would not have taken that trade. You overreacted to Burton and Stills is not going to better than Landry especially if its any type of PPR.

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this Is a Standard scoring league. So my thought was Landry and Stills could end up being a even switch with Landry getting more catches but Stills having more TD potential and wanted to upgrade to Kittle bc he has a better QB who actually looks to throw the ball to the TE.

Landry is likely to get way more yards per target this year. I can’t say anything about TDs but the browns are using Landry completely differently than the Dolphins used to. Landry is one of the guys I want everywhere, even standard. But I’m biased because I have him in standard.