My Name is Jeff?

So I haven’t seen if Breida or Mostert are playing tonight, but if they don’t play, would you start him over the likes of Jamaal Williams and Devin Singletary?

I personally would. If those guys are out he probably gets 10-15 touches and probably at least a couple goal line carries because the 49ers should be able to score of AZ.

Yes. I’m a Niners fan and sounds like we’re sitting both, even tho they’re both listed as questionable/possible (tougher schedule ahead and need them healthy, and Cards are a joke, so no point in risking them rn).

Jeff will get plenty of work, especially in the second half when were up by 30, and vultures TDs, so he’s probably a safe bet for say 50 yds and a TD

Breida is a confirmed GO tonight as per Jeremy Fowler. He woke up feeling good apparently. I own Coleman, Breida and Jeff Wilson. I’m benching Wilson, starting the other 2 personally. Good luck with your decision.

I personally like Singletary and Williams this week over Wilson regardless of who else suits up for SF.