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My new draft strategy worked like a charm last year, I believe I've refined it for this year


Hi Footclan!

I’m here to share an awesome way to draft the team YOU want. Basically I pick 3-5 guys that I realistically can get per round and list them in order of importance. I’m in a redraft league that I’ve been in for about 7 years now. We always reverse the finish order from last year so that the person who finished last, drafts first overall next year, and so on. I finished 4th, so I draft 7th this year. I’ve got a basic example below of my draft strategy:

RD 1, draft spot #7, list of importance:

  1. Lesean McCoy- would be my #1 choice for my first pick in the first round.

  2. Julio Jones- I imagine Odell, AB, Bell, Zeke, DJ have all gone already before my pick. If the asshole in front of me took Lesean, I’d go with Julio “the horse” Jones if he’s there.

  3. Odell Beckham- Realistically, if the six picks in front of me are DJ, Bell, Zeke, Jones, AB, Shady. I’m going with Odell, first round is a no brainer really. This strategy is better in the mid rounds.

RD 6 example:

  1. Michael Crabtree- if he’s still there in the 6th, he’s my #1 priority. Great offense, great pass protection in the O-line, proven talent, cheaper than Cooper and will likely put up similar stats.

  2. LeGarrette Blount- If Crabtree is gone in the 6th. I’m going with Blount as the power back in an improved offense. I can’t really see him going for 18 TD’s again, but he’s going to have a chance. I like his talent and he looked good last year in open space and on the goal line. I think he’ll be the exclusive RZ RB and has a good shot of going over 10 TD’s once again this year. It’s also likely at this time I’ve grabbed 2 or 3 other RB’s, so stashing Blount on my Bench as an RB 3 or 4 is just a good fantasy play.

  3. Martavis Bryant- If those two guys are gone, I like Bryant to come out and do what he does. He’s lengthy and has great hands in a potentially #2 or #3 offense in the league. With Bell and Big Ben being healthy and thus far not having suspension trouble, he could find the endzone a lot this year off long plays. Especially being on the other side of AB, he’s going to get some easy coverage. For his talent in this round, he’s solid.

  4. Jordan Reed- If the top 3 from this list are gone and Reed is sitting there in the 6th, I’m jumping on that. I highly doubt he’ll be there, but if he is, it’s going to be a good year. Lots of WR’s are now on other teams, Crowder is not the business to me from what I’ve seen, Terrell Pryor is also kind of a crap shoot. It’s not crazy to think this year Reed scores 10+ TD’s and around 750-900 yards. He’s all kinds of talented.

  5. The number 1 guy on the next round list- If all 4 of these guys are gone by round 6. I’m going to drop down to my ranking for the 7th round guys and get the #1 option in my mind for that round. #1 in the 7th for me is Larry Fitzgerald. No one ever gives this man the respect he deserves, and going in the 7th round because of his age is a sin! He led the league in catches last year and is a lock to provide you with some of the best hands the NFL has ever seen if he’s on the field.

I hope this makes sense haha, but I really think this is the best way to build YOUR best team. I did this for the first time last year and went 11-2. I will have more on this draft strategy at a later time. Let me know if you have any questions!

(There’s a weird glitch that’s putting Blount and Jones with a #1 next to their names. On my end, those 1’s are actually 2’s FYI)