My Personal Bye-pocalypse

I’ll make it short and sweet.

Week 7 - Almost my entire starting lineup are on Bye. (Herbert, Cook + Mattison, J. Robinson, M. Williams, Knox, BUF def :flushed: )

My options:

  1. Cut one of the above mentioned just to fit on bench.
  2. Trade away Cook + Mattison for RB + TE not on bye. Could get an upgrade on TE here.
  3. Trade J. Robinson + Knox right now for peak value. Ideally upgrade RB or lateral move for RB + TE not on bye.
  4. Just take an L ( Currently 4-1 in Megalabowl)

P.S. I have Gesicki and Panthers DST. Enough WR/RB depth to field a lineup for the week but significant step below above mentioned players.

Any help is appreciated!!

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Bumping this

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Try offering trades and see what happens you wont know until you try or keep everyone and just trade away 1 piece so they all fit on the bench if you don’t have any takers to other trades.

I am in a similar situation have Herbert Allen Ekler, Cook, Knox and a couple DPs I don’t know your record but I’m 3-2 and leaning towards filling the roster best I can and letting it fly. It’s not punting the week but will not look good, but rest of season hoping to keep rolling.