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My pick is up


If you had to make the pick:

1p PPR Dynasty - Doug Martin, Lacy, Mike Wallace, John Brown, Thielen, Rishard Matthews.

Round 11.09 is the pick.

im leaning to Lacy og Martin.

help me? :smiley:


What WRs/RBs do you already have? and guessing you are set with TE/QB or just don’t look like good options?


If you have a decent RB1 and an RB2 go Martin for sure. If this pick will be your RB2, either Lacy or another option…Blount, Kamara, Forte … or James White if you don’t mind the floor

If you need a WR 2 or 3 and have both RBs go Rishard Matthews or Thielen (pick your poison)


12 teams league.

2 x RB spots

3 x WR spots.



im low at QB but no one i would take at this moment right now.

i have RB: Zeke, Ajayi, Crowell WR: A. Brown, Golden Tate, Desean Jackson.


I like Lacy at RB or Brown at WR depending which way you want to go, but since Fitz will most likely be retiring after this season, John brown is good longterm. If Lacy goes back to the Lacy of his rookie and sophomore season, then he could be a stud this year and beyond in an offense that uses featured backs like horses. Hope this helps.


If you think any of these receivers will make it back to you, I’d take Lacy, and shoot for one of them after.
Otherwise, I’d personally take John Brown at this pick. I really like his talent, he is on a team that passes a lot, and it sounds like he has moved past the health issues that hampered him last season.

@ebaum26 While he certainly has years left to play (i.e. his age shouldn’t be considered a negative factor for dynasty yet), I did find myself surprised to realize Brown is already 27 when I was doing research this going into this draft season.


I’d go John Brown


Doug Martin and it’s not even close