My Playoff Lineup with out Hunt

In the past few days I lost Hunt and Olsen, I am the first seed in the playoffs at 10-3.
My Team
QB - Lamar, Trubisky
RB - DJ, Cook, Ware
WR - K Allen, Edelman, Diggs
TE - Ian Thomas
DST - Washington
K - Gostkowski
How does my team look without Hunt and Olsen? I know TE is weak right now.

I think that is solid. Ian thomas will get targeted heavily. Who else is available for TE Spot? Also, pick up a different defense. What defenses are available? Everything else looks solid.

I picked up Seattle D. They play SF week 15 and Arizona week 17. Will Washington be fine this week?

You’re screwed. Good luck though anything can happen.

I think it depends a lot on my RBs at this point. I pray DJ goes back to form and cook continues to get work. Losing Hunt was rough. Maybe Ware will emerge

Royce Freeman worth a pick up? Or is he useless at this point

Useless and drop washington for another defense. Streamer would be Bill’s or titans

Washington plays Tennessee and Jax weeks 15 and 16. Seems like a solid play. These are the only Defenses on the wavier

Pick up lions defense. better than washington. Arizona is the worst team in the league

Congrats on going 10-3 with that team bro, even with Hunt, it doesn’t look amazing. Is it a 16 team league?

Nah it’s only 12 team. Hunt came clutch a few times and Allen, Diggs and Edelman made for a nice trio of wrs

Good job dude! Is it PPR? I have Diggs in Standard, and he’s okay, but he’s a beast in PPR with his 14 catches! You’re set at WR. Any better RB2s out there on waivers though?
DJ got done by Edmonds last week, I’d worry about his usage with the season over, the Cards may want to have a look at Chase more.
Dalvin Cook hopefully getting into form at the right time, but no guarantee.
As a Hunt owner myself, Ware isn’t that good unfortunately. RB2/Flex for my team he is.
Plus, now we have Williams and West to deal with. Ware is nowhere near Hunts level, it’s a season killer for me even with Saquon and A Jones as my 2 RBs still left.

Sorry for rambling, What RBs on waivers?

Half PPR, waiver wire is extremely thin, Royce Freeman and Penny are available

Nah none of those better than what ya have. Baring an injury to Lindsay, Freeman isn’t great and Penny is in a messy RBBC situation.