My Question Too Tough To Answer? HELP PLEASE

Need to pick 2 RB’s and 2 Flex Players from the players below.

Saquon Barkley
Elijah Mitchell
Sony Michelle
Darrell Henderson
Davante Parker
A.J Green
Rashad Penny

Thanks FootClan!

Saquon and CEH for RBs - if Mitchell was for sure a go id play him over CEH.

Flex = Penny & Parker /////// Green is going to be sharing targets and Parker floor is safer (i think)

I think a lot of your headache is solved by active or not active.

Mitchell of available is in.

Michel if Henderson is out otherwise bench him.

Henderson if he’s in may be too much of a timeshare risk.

My first thought if all available is Mitchell and CEH are in for sure.

Flex I really like AJ with nuk being out and it’s hard to bench saquon but I’m pretty tempted to go Parker here.

But overall I think availability solves a few of your decisions

I’m terrified of the Dallas D so I’m skeptical about playing Saquon. You don’t think that whoever the starter is for the Rams RB’s is a must start?

Totally agree with the availability part. I’m not sold on CEH because of uncertainty of workload but I’m leaning this order assuming all available. Mitchell, Sony/Henderson (Whoever is the starter), then CEH, Parker, AJ, Barkley. I’m nervous about playing Barkley against the Dallas D. They are healthy and killing it.

I mean, Michelle had 20 touches last week and finished with 9 fantasy points. Now enter Henderson, they are going to share the rock. Saquon is averaging 16 touches and has been getting good passing work, if healthy its his backfield… I dont think Mitchell is going to play, but out of all your RBs he’s your best. CEH is the RB1 for the team and the over under is juicy. So thats why im leaning Saquon and CEH for your RBs. Penny - idk I dont wanna chase the points and have my szn come down to Penny, good stash though…

And I know Hopkins is out, but hes been out before and that did not equal Green going off.
Also Cardinals play Lions so Cards might get up quick and run… Parker been getting targets - but you could use my previous argument for Dolphins playing Jets (Jets are better than Lions)…

EDIT: Oh, and Waddle is on covid now

AJ vs Parker Debate… Agree or disagree? Green vs Detroit 32 degree weather and maybe the Cardinals just run it down detroits throat. Cardinals D is a good play this week because the Lions most likely don’t put up many points. Why throw the ball a bunch against them. On the other side we have Parker vs the Jets. The dolphins have 3 RB’s out and that leaves Duke Johnson handling the load that just came up from the practice squad. Nice 82 degree weather too. Parker right?

Michel last week was against the Cardinals. The week before he put up 22 against Jacksonville. Is seattle D closer to Arizona or Jacksonville?

Right no Waddle and they also have 3 RB’s out leaving Duke Johnson that just came up from the practice squad to handle the load. I think they need to pass and I think Parker eats. Agree?

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Valid point… I know Rams RBs are usually good plays, but if Henderson comes back they will split time and idk how that will end up looking, too risky for me in playoffs… Saquon is going to get most rush att and targets for RBs on Giants, so I just like his opportunity more… Now if Henderson does not play, that changes things. People are worried about Clyde and so am I, but in my main league im playing him, high over under, charges run d is poo, wont be surprised if rushes for over 100 yards - they will want to keep herbert off the filed.

EDIT: If Mitchell was a full go and we knew that now - I would play Mitchell over CEH

Can someone advise on my latest comment please? Sorry Bspears.

Fair point. I’m plugging in CEH for tonight and then I’ll wait and see what happens with the availability questions. Honestly when everyone is dropping like flies, it may be best to go ahead and get some points before they’re all out. LOL

Hey man, thought its only fair I show up here and eat crow… Like I said I played CEH as well (over Mitchell and Javonte) and not too pleased with the outcome. Not going to lose tons of sleep tho - CEH was play - still very surprised how much he is not on the field… LSU record breaker in receptions and the chiefs do not utilize that… My bad man, hope you pull through with the W nonetheless.