My RB struggles continue...who to start this week?

I’ve posted a few times about one of my league’s I’m struggling at the RB position. I’ve tried but haven’t been able to do any trading that would help my team so I’ve just picked up a couple guys hoping to find a diamond in the rough while Fournette sits on my bench until week 10. I picked up Foreman as a stash and dropped Henry and picked up Mike Davis as well. I’ve 3 options and need to start 2. Who do y’all recommend between Lindsay, Coleman and Mike Davis?

I’d go Lindsay and Coleman here. Davis has been solid but you know Lindsay and Coleman are for sure getting work.

Agreed with above poster.

Though one thing to be wary of: Check weather reports before the game. There’s news there may be snow in Denver for the game.
Could benefit Lindsay but could also put more work for Foreman as well. 50/50 kinda thing.

Also. If your struggles are that big try and shop Fournette? Someone may still value him high and then you can have a new starter again. Guess it depends on your record/other positions.

That’s what I’ve been leaning towards although Davis is a tempting play. I would definitely do some trading with Fournette and I’ve tried but haven’t had any luck. One guy wants him but I don’t care for what he’s offering. He wanted to give me Drake and Peterson and I’d rather just work with what I’ve got in the meantime and hope for some good things from Fournette down the stretch when he comes back. With Drake and Peterson I would still feel like I do now. I’m solid at WR. I’ve got OBJ, Thielen, Sanders, Boyd, Fuller and Coutee. I’m 3-2 in 5th place.

If both guys are relatively healthy I am viewing both Carson and Davis as guys you can start this week. Davis is more of a flex play and more valuable in standard but the amount they are running gives both of these guys value and is not like they shy away from Davis near the goal line.

If only Drake was being schemed for and playing like last year. :’(

Go with Lindsay and Coleman. Hoping Lindsay has a surprising day 14 rushes 72 yards 0tds, 3 catches 22yds 1 td. Pts in half ppr - 16.9 or so. My bold prediction