My RBs are awful

So right now my starting rbs are dernest Johnson and aj Dillon. Hunt, Clyde, and McCaffery all on IR. There is basically nothing available on waivers better. I did pick up Ingram however after he got traded to the saints. Would he be worth starting over AJ already? I know the WRs at Green Bay are beat up so AJ might have an increased roll in the passing game. What do you all think? I have Mike Davis as well but he pissed me off last week lol.

I would go Davis. But since he’s not employee of the month of tye two other options I’ll go Ingram. I think saints have no issues giving him touches as he knows the offense or at least a previous version of it and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a goal line opportunity or two. So probably safer play.

Dillon meanwhile I have no idea what to expect. He could be heavily involved or barely on the field. He’s the guy I’d go with if I think the opponent is likely to beat me. He’s the bottom of the ninth last out and down to last strike play.