My roster needs help

My WRs are terrible and I need to start manufacturing some wins.
My roster is:
QB: Cam
RB: CMC, Gordon, Kerryon, Alex Collins, Ito Smith, Royce Freeman, Barner
WR: Doug Baldwin, Josh Gordon, Marquise Goodwin, Geronimo
TE: Njoku

The waiver wire is pretty thin but I am going to try to pick up DJ Moore this week to help me out a little.

I know that I need to make some trades, but I’m not sure who to target and who to trade away.

Any help would be gladly appreciated.
Thanks Footclan

not sure of the WHO, but as for the WHAT, i’d take Kerryon and Doug B or goodwin and try and flip them into a true WR2, like maybe golden Tate or stefon diggs or something.

Flip Kerryon and a WR not named josh gordon, and then i would roll CMC, Gordon at RB and Gordon+new addition at WR, and with Cam’s juicy matchup this week (i am also the cam owner) maybe flex DJ Moore (thinking about picking him up and flexing him over dion lewis as well)

I’m in a similar situation currently. Look through your league and find someone equally desperate for RB. Try to get their second WR (if good) for Kerryon (if you have to get it done fast) or a lower combo. Also look for bye weeks. I have a guy in my league with all his RBs on bye in week 10; probably my best bet for a trade partner.