My Rudolph + Kamara for Kelce

I (like many of us) am sick of playing TE roulette this year. Everyone outside Gronk, Ertz and Kelce is a crapshoot. With that being said I floated a trade out to the Kelce owner.

Standard league;

My team:


Douggy M

Kelvin B
Devante Parker
Sterling Shep

Kyle Rudolph

With that said I saw the Kelce owner was thin at WR + RB, so offered Rudolph + someone. He settled on Rudolph + Kamara for Kelce.

Just wanted to know what you guys thought about it, factoring in everything you can think of. I know Kelce is an instant plug in and play if he’s out of concussion protocol every week, and I like not having to worry about his absence until his Bye.

I would do this deal, Rudolph is too up and down. Hopefully there is another flyer RB you can add off waivers. Even if Kelce misses this week hes a top 3 TE.

Yeah that was my thinking. However, after I did this trade the AP news came through and Kamara got a slight bump imo. The waivers are pretty thin for RB, I picked up Perine this morning but if Fat Robs back I cant imagine him being anything other than a handcuff (and I’m not plugging him in on Sunday).

I would have probably stuck on the roulette wheel but it doesn’t hurt. You’re trading a bench spot for a TE which is technically an upgrade. I’ve just had horrible luck with RBs (lost a couple seaons due to rbs going down when playoffs started) so i would have kept rolling the roulette wheel of 5 points.

Yeah that was my alternative thought. My record is 2-3 and on the 3 I’v lost i’v only lost by a couple of points. I’m blaming my TEs because they have literally done nothing for me, with Kelce I would be 5-0. I got Kamara off of waivers and he has turned into a bit of a value steal. I’m hoping that if someone goes down then I can find another “Kamara” later on in waivers… fingers crossed I don’t need to go down that path!

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