My Season is Over

Two weeks in a row of mismanagement derailed my season. Need to sell some pieces for picks/keepers. In a 10 team ppr keeper league please evaluate this trade for me:


2019 1st rd pick,

Conner (16th rnd keeper),

Njoku (12th rnd keeper)


2019 4th rd pick

CMC (can’t be kept)

Gronk (can’t be kept)

Plus which of these two? OBJ (6th rnd kept) or Tyreek (14th rnd kept)

I would rather hold onto tyreek but it could go either way

Those are very solid pieces in return. If you know you are done then do it. I would also go with Tyreek, I think OBJ will be much better next year with a better QB and hopefully, a better o-line.