My Shady for Shepard/McKinnon

Was just offered Sterling Shepard and Jerrick McKinnon for Lesean McCoy. My other RBs are Ingram, Kamara, and Burkhead. This would give me some needed depth at WR but would I be giving up too much RB in Shady? Standard scoring.

You’re absolutely correct. Don’t make that trade, I would look into moving one of the saints rbs instead

Hmmm. Hard to want to break up a #6 and #8 RB tandem. I’ve pretty much decided to roll with the Saints backfield ROS. They have given me an average of 32+ pts over the last five weeks.

I like McCoy as a top 5 RB ROS so I wouldn’t trade him. I am putting out offers on him as we speak. I do like Shepard and McKinnon but only McKinnon in PPR.

He is also offering Amari Cooper in place of McKinnon. I would have to pick up another RB at that point, but that really helps at WR (if Amari has the ROS that I expect). Thoughts?