My shiny new jacket is playing my defense - what do I do?

So I am one of those who went and bought the shiny new jacket (Aaron Rodgers) and yes it feels good to wear !! My problem is that next week my jacket is playing my defense and when he scores they lose points. I have to play Rodgers, so do I sit Minnesota and grab a DST off the waivers?

Depends on if you have space for another defense. If you don’t then just play min

I’d have to drop someone - probably: K. Benjamin, C. Ivory, or J. Kelly to do it.

I would drop Kelly or hell it’s not like Benjamin looks to light the world on fire

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If you have to play rodgers then play both. But QBs against MN’s defense score only like 65% of their average FFL points. So if rodgers is averaging 25 points he’s going to be putting up like 16. Per the fantasy pros (who mike guest stars on occassion) this is a stat going back to last season, so we have a decent track record that MN’s gonna do what MN’s gonna do. But given rodgers has a bum knee and this defense put him out last year, there’s no way im not playing MN’s defense this week. And furthermore i’ll be amazed if GB even lets rodgers play, given the injury plus the 1-0 start it makes way more sense to rest him a week.

Plus Minn tends to play very well against GB

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So you’re both thinking waiver me up a streaming QB for the week?

I would prolly still roll Rodgers out there unless he just flat out can’t move with his leg. What waiver guy has Rodgers’ upside?