My studs ended my season earlier than it should have

This is probably the saddest i’ve ever been since i started playing fantasy football.
I was the first seed on my main league(nice cash prizes) since week 2.
Lost the lead in the last game, ended up playing my best friend this week in the first round of the playoffs.
I lost gordon and sanders for this week
My friend lost hunt.
My team is full of great players:
Cam newton
Gordon, chubb, lamar miller, jordan howard
Julio jones, thielen, emmanuel sanders, godwin
Trey Burton, Jordan reed
Titans d/st
Will lutz as K

His line up was filled with some players that are not very good, like dion lewis, sheppard, njoku…

I was very confident coming in to the week because even with my losses, my team was still great.
Cam newton screwed me, i decided to play godwin and he screwed me too, burton sucked and i came in to this monday night needing 12 points from thielen.
12 points from a guy that is used to score 15+ almost every week, seems very possible.

Thielen scored 6.60 points and i lost.
This is the worst defeat i’ve had. My best friend is giving me so much crap already, i lost money, and my team who was the supposed to be the best in the league has screwed me.
Thanks scam newton, thanks thielen(mostly cousins), thanks burton.

Thanks for all the times you guys replied to my posts and helped me manage my team.
Looking foward to next season.

That said, im still alive in my other 2 leagues… hope i can take home at least one footclan title, so expect to see some more posts from me haha


WOW man!!! Damn…my condolences. I know what you’re saying…and oh buddy do I feel your pain. Not this year…(LOL…not yet anyway), but…I had Kamara last year and was expecting to practically take the league on him alone.

THEN…FIRST RATTLE OUT OF THE BOX IN OUR FIRST ROUND OF PLAY/OFFS…KAMARA WENT DOWN FIRST PLAY OF THE GAME (actually…it might have been in the first 5 mins.)…but…yep…I was done at that point!!!

LOL…but…believe me…I know EXACTLY where you’re at right now!!! You make it to the P/O’S and have the ammo to take it all on!!! AND then BAM…one play and you’re D-O-N-E!!!


And that’s about the time you swear up and down that you’re NEVER, EVER, EVER doing this again…

Then…LOL…(as I commented in a post last night)….come June…you’re all but chomping at the bit waiting for AUG and the Draft!!!

Much as I HATE, HATE, HATE FFB some years…LOL…I’d be lost without it!!! :joy:


Cook tried to bring me back after I was down Thielen+9 going into tonight. The whole game looked promising as they didn’t throw to Thielen at all and then they did. Turned the game off when I was down by 10.

Check back and see Cook got me within 1.7 points with that TD but still it’s a loss and out of the playoffs.

So big shoutout to the horrible coaching job by Sean McVay. Throwing 44 times in the cold with a QB clearly couldn’t handle it. Gurley with 8.8 points is something I could never have expected to cause me to lose but it did (but I put none of the blame on Gurley, just poor playcalling)

I am beyond salty.

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Lost by less than 10 on Ertz’s scoreless second half and OT and Gurley and Cooks.

On my bench Ware, Boyd, Goedert. Any combination of 2 of those 3 and I win. I never would have benched Gurley and never would have started Goedert though. Boyd I considered but Cooks against the Bears was actually supposed to be a plus match up.

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Fantasy is realy hard haha maybe thats why is so addicting

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Worst feeling possible lol having the best team because you spent the whole season crafting this team, waiting lots of weeks for the playoffs, knowing that you are going to make it, and then, in one week, your best players have their worst game of the season and you lose to a shitty team. The entire season i scored over 100 points, than this week my team chocked and i scored less than 90. Suuuuuuucks

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Fortunately it didn’t tank my season. I’m still tied for the lead and ahead on points as we have no playoffs, but it just made my road a lot harder. 3 other teams have the same record.