My Team has some big holes...looking for ideas

12 team full PPR league 1QB,2RB,2WR,1Flex,1TE,K,D

super nervous about my TE and WR positions but does my RB corps make up for it

QB: Wentz
RB: Akamara, Dalvin Cook, Chubbs / tevon coleman, Rashad penny, kelan Ballage
WR:Tyler Lockett, Tyler Boyde / Robbie Anderson, golden tate, Geranimo Allison, Humphries
TE: Jordan Reed

I was thinking of sending chubs and Lockett for DeAndre Hopkins: is that enough
I feel like a glass cannon at TE with Reed and just underwhelming at WR but freaking stacked at RB having three of the top ten in my rankings

please give me your thoughts and I will happily return the favor

Merry FFB season everyone

I wouldn’t deal Chubb. Especially since you could go Miami Vice and name your team Locket and Chubbs. I’d wait for Ballage to have a decent outing and try and flip him before Drake returns.

Sorry dude but you have a corps WRs not built for full PPR

Lockett is all yards and TDs, same with Anderson. Tate is out 4 games. Allison is getting supplemented by MVS. Humphries is on a not good, non-passing Titans offence.

Trade Ballage or Penny to an RB desperate team for some WR help.

I would try to combo one of your WR with Coleman or Ballage after he has a big game to upgrade to a better PPR WR 2. If Reed is actually playing then your fine at tight end, but if not I would scoop up anything on waivers or see about getting Vance McDonald for one of your extra RB. Then again if the Ertz owner has trash RBs you may be able to get a 1 for one trade to get another PPR option. Good thing is that in full PPR there are a ton of WR thT are actually viable and can be snagged from waivers. Just have to see which ones are getting the most attention with all of the QB changes. Good luck

You need wrs who will have volume for sure. I agree with morestagedives that you need to look at flipping a RB for a we that will receive volume. This team would look much better in a standard format. Ballage or Penny are great trade pieces but you
might be able to get some more out of Coleman as well to a team that needs rbs.

I dont know what the other posters are complaining about. You shouldn’t have been able to get even 2 of those 3 rbs you got. Your team is crazy and will win it all. I don’t care about your WRs not PPR friendly or Reed. You have 3 top 10 backs lol. GG.

I agree. Find out who needs a Rb and flip a combo for one tier 1/2 receiver