My Team.. Honest Opinions?

12 Team Full PPR. 1 RB 2 FLEX (RB/WR/TE)

QB: Cam
FLEX: Drake
WR: Chark
WR: C.Ridley
TE: Jonnu Smith
Flex: Conner
Jonathan Taylor
Marquise Brown
Sterling Shepard
Marv Jones
Damien Harris

I got tilted in round 3 when Woods went 1 pick ahead of me so I reacged hard on Chark. I feel like my RBs are very risky but with only 1 required starter, I feel it’s better to shoot for upside.

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I like your squad, I don’t think Chark in the 3rd is that bad of a reach, the dude was top 5 WR last year until he was injured, I expect him to repeat. You also have CEH/Drake/Ridley as well, which is basically round 1/2/3 in that order. I don’t feel that comfortable with Cam as your only QB though but I’m sure there are QB’s on the waiver wire you could replace him with if something were to go wrong.

Team is Good. I cant get behind Conner, but that’s just me.

I would look for additional QB help or have someone in mind just incase.

Chark and Ridley are a great 1 and 2 no worries there.

Drake and CEH are powerful.

I’m not huge on Marvin Jones though.

Lots of upside! Solid team for sure

I ended up with a few guys who I dont personally care for but only at crazy values… Conner in the 3rd is a total fade to me… but 5th round as an RB3 was too good to pass up… same with Marv Jones in the 10th round. It’s a very “upside heavy” team because the draft values were just too good at some of these spots. I had no intention of drafting Conner, Marv Jones, or Edelman at their current ADPs going in. But I decided to stay water.

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Yeah it was just how the draft fell… QBs went early and often. I only grabbed Cam in the 11th because there were several teams that were already at 2 QBs and a 2nd QB run was popping off. I kinda have faith in Minshew to be okay so Ill be watching closely.

Plus bright side dude the week Edelman has to fill in you have CamBam at QB so you get connection points. Love that. When they are going off together and your opponent just has to watch every time you complete a pass to him you’re getting connection points, it’ll drive them crazy.