My team. Thoughts

10 team league. 1st overall pick

I like your RB depth, hopefully Sutton will take a step forward for you in his second season, especially with Sanders back to draw some attention. However, I am worried about your receiver depth for a 3 wide receiver league one injury or some heavy busts could set you back pretty bad. Also, personally I am done giving trust to Corey Davis. How many teams in your league? Also I’m sure there is a better option on your waiver wire than Jakobi Meyers, I like taking fliers on late round picks too, but he has a long way to making even top 3 on the depth charts.

I like your rb depth and majority of your team, just not big on your wr3 spot, which I think is a big question mark and your only weakness really

Solid team. WR3 is your weakest link. I know yoy gotta flow with the draft, but in a 3 WR league, you gotta get 2 WR2s out of top 4 picks IMO.

It is a keeper league as well and i am dropping Meyers. Not much out there with the expanded bench.

Marquise Brown is maybe out there and is a starter as well as miles Boykin who is likely a starter or Mohamed Sanu or Geronimo Allison possibly so like a slot WR or maybe Adam Humphries all of those are better options than Meyers

Brown, Humphries are taken. Sanu and Boykin are available. Im looking to pick up Preston Williams and dropping Meyers. Also in the process of trying to trade for Juju while keeping Evans and Woods lol

I’d go with Geronimo Allison or Sanu they have guaranteed flex worthy roles