My TE's are J Smith & OJ Howard. Roster/Waiver Advice Please

I’m 4-6. 1 game back from the final playoff spot and need to pretty much win out.

Full PPR. Roster max 2 TEs and start 1. Wilson is my QB and I was rolling with Dissly for a few weeks before he got injured.

Smith is on BYE and Howard is a high risk start to say the least.

My remaining FAAB is $38.
Available FA’s: Everett, Eifert, Goedert, Knox, Fells and the usual TD dependent 3 for 30 guys.

How much FAAB should I spend on Everett especially with the Hooper & Kittle news?

Do I drop both my guys and go for Everett and Hollister? May be able to sneak him on the BYE week. What amount of FAAB would you spend for both?

oooor…Keep my FAAB and roll with Howard and get Hollister for ROS?

Depends on the rest of your team. If you’re only hurting on TE I would be willing to spend ~$15-20 on Everette. Especially if you need wins in the short term.

If you don’t want to spend the FAAB I would waiver for waivers to clear, pick up Goedert and Hollister. Goedert could be a sneaky play this week and Hollister looks solid RoS.

Thanks @ryanchaparian

My roster:
QB Wilson, Murray
RB Elliot, Chubb, White
WR Chark, Kirk, Robinson
TE Smith, Howard
K Bailey, Folk
DST Patriots, Jags

This weeks matchup is pretty even on paper but the hopefully Elliot & Chubb get close to their ceiling.

Also unfortunate that Murray is @SF during Wilson’s BYE. ugh…

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Your team looks pretty solid; WR could maybe use a little help but not much. I would go get Everette if you can.