My trade path this season and a funny trade!

So first off my league; it is a 12 team half PPR, 10 pt bonuses for 300 passing yards, 130 receiving yards, and 100 yards rushing. We have a 2 new players this year, 1 of which has not ever played fantasy football. Also two guys took QB in the first round!! Lol. The commissioner approves trades now with us voting through him because people were vetoing every trade.

I traded McCaffrey, Ingram, Trey Burton, and Allen Robinson to a Bears fan for Kamara, Kelce, and Goodwin (who I dropped) before week 5. He was/is in first place with Hill, Juju and Ridley so wanted to sure up rb since his only other rb was Cohen. And of course believes in Burton.

After week 5 I traded Goff, Buck Allen, Marvin Jones jr, and Kelce to a Chiefs fan for Gronk and David Johnson. This guy is the new player so now I feel bad because everyone had a bad game this week that he got. Lol anyways.

So my Team right now is Winston, Evans, Sanu, Elliot, Kamara, Gronk, DJ with MIXON, Godwin, Clement, Allison, Kirk on the bench. I also just picked up Zuerlein through waivers. I’ve been trying to make more moves this week to teams that are at the bottom and teams with Saquon and LBell but they didn’t bite yet. It gets a little more interesting though…

I sent a trade to my good friend who I am really competitive with during Fantasy. The trade was Mahomes, Brown, Hunt, And Ekeler for Winston, Kamara, Mixon, Evans. He is 1-5 11th place so I am bottom feeding lol. He accepted. He is also a Saints fan. He calls me right after saying “I thought the trade was all of those players for Mahomes!! Yahoo showed me only Mahomes!!” I tell him we will tell the commish and he will veto. I tell the commish to pretend he can’t since he accepted. But then this guy goes and puts it in the league chat saying that the trade will be vetoed cuz he thought it was all for Mahomes. Which makes me think about it more. He would have put in the league chat, “He sent me the trade don’t veto!!” Which is what he did when he traded Jared Cook and Royce Freeman for Jimmy Graham and Marshawn Lynch. Now I really didn’t care but I thought the guy was dumb for doing the trade. Also, this guy traded Amari Cooper, Hunt, Freeman for Michael Thomas. After Week 3 I think when Thomas got 6 points he said the guy wanted Michael Thomas back so they traded back their players. But I talked to the guy (we all work together) and he said that my friend was crying to him to trade back. Lol. So now I feel like maybe I should just let the trade go through!!! I just wanted to share this because it’s hilarious to me. I literally made an account here so I could share!! Fantasy football season is the best!!

I’ll let all of you know what happens!!

In my opinion it is on the people making trades to look out for themselves, if i can get someone to trade a rb1 for a rb2 why should i feel bad about it. I think when a trade is accecpted it should never get undone. I traded Devante Adams last week, really wish i didn’t but it is what it is.