My Trades this Week

A sum of all my trades this week. (1 - 6 is my record in a 12 person PPR, 8 man playoff)

This week I traded away

Michael Thomas, Ito Smith, Chris Godwin, and TJ Yeldon

I got

AJ Green, Sammy Watkins and Philip Lindsay.

I am proud of my work. (Really needed to share this, result of 3 separate trades)

That’s solid. Green and Thomas can basically be swapped out for eachother. Godwin and Yeldon are probably never going to be played from here on out assuming Hyde takes the early down work. Ito smith is an rb3, but eh. I don’t love Watkins but is a decent bye week fill in. Better than Godwin. And Lindsay is easily the best rb in this trade.

I also picked up Doyle with my extra bench spot.

All and all I have never been more proud of anything in my life.

I did flex Sammy.