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My WR are Hot Garbage


I traded Rawls for J Maclin and Jacquizz for JJ Nelson over the last week to go with Thielen. Had ARob and TY Hilton as my top two WR from the draft.

RB I already have Zeke, Hunt and Montgomery. How’d I do on these trades? Any thoughts on Hilton?


Hilton is really dependent on Luck coming back so if you can, you can sit on him and have a solid WR when Luck gets back. I think you won that Rawls trade for sure with Carson looking like he’ll take the starting job and with Doug Martin coming back eventually, Jacquizz won’t be very valuable for very long. Thielen is also QB dependent :\ I think Maclin and Nelson aren’t bad fill-in esp with the quality you have at RB. Maybe try and sell REALLY high on Hunt and get a great WR if you’d like


I’d have to listen to offers but it’d be so hard to trade Hunt based on how KC looks to be using him.


maclin is good, nelson one is not bad, maybe a wash with jacquizz, Thielen is good, arob is meh, hilton is great if andrew luck plays. kind of suspecting that luck will be out for the season, id hang on to hilton anyways tho.