My wr D. Thomas for his qb R.Wilson

I’m desperate for a qb. He is starting Alex Smith with Wilson riding his bench all season and could use a wr. Fair?

What’s you’re roster look like? On the surface I don’t know if it’s worth it if you can stream, I don’t know who else you have at QB though. And if you have the depth at WR to do so I guess that would be allright.

No other rostered qb (dumped Kizer weeks ago). I could stream McCown. My other WRs are Dez, Jordy, John Brown, and Kearse. Have ASJ and Rudolph at TE

Wilson is a smart pick up. You may be paying a premium price with DT, but not crazy. Jordy and Smoke Brown are big downgrades this week, so you’re not looking all that solid at WR. That said, it’s situational. I think it’s worth it if most of your league mates hold a bench QB, making streaming hard, bc that means usable WRs will be easier to acquire on the wire.
Also, with ‘Byepocalypse’ upon us, people may be dropping quality quarterbacks this week. Food for thought.

He countered with His Wilson for my Thomas and Kyle Rudolph. Seems a little steep. I have ASJ. Thoughts… I did put in a claim for McCown.