N. Harris for Chubb Trade

Giving N. Harris & Cee Dee for Chubb & Boyd. 8-team Half PPR. 1QB/2RB/2WR/Flex/TE/K/DST

Current RBs: Zeke, Ekeler, N. Harris, Hunt, Conner, L. Murray
Current WRs: K. Allen, Cee Dee, Thielen, Godwin, AB, Dj Moore, Aiyuk

I am overpaying, but I think with my WRs, I can take the hit to have Chubb.

Pretty fair trade. Chub is an upgrade on a run heavy offense

Debuting at #7 on this week’s How Dumb Was My Trade charts is Mike Honcho, who gave up Najee Harris and CeeDee Lamb for Nick Chubb and Tyler Boyd!

I know, right?!?!?

I don’t like giving Lamb but you do have a stacked WR core. I assume the Chubb owner won’t take Thielen or AB plus Harris for Chubb?

Locking up the Browns backfield with Hunt already in the roster is a nice bonus too. He’s a clear upgrade over Harris.

I’d rather not to be honest. I think Najee for Chubb is potentially really close, certainly closer than Ceedee for boyd.

Really dude, just crawl back into your hole. People come here, to a community, because we enjoy fantasy football. Not to have every comment be attacked by a jacka&& who comes out of his mom’s basement once in a while. Give advise and perspective and walk away.

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I appreciate honesty. I haven’t actually made the trade yet. Just came here to get some input. I think having Chubb, Zeke, Ekeler will be tough to beat. Also, Zeke, Ekeler, N. Harris, Cee Dee, and K. Allen all have the same bye week.

Same bye week isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all you’re trying to win the championship not go 14-0 regular season. Having to only worry about injuries interrupting lineup plans ought to be easier than potential injuries and bye week fill in.

Agreed, just looking at all angles. I think Chubb > Harris ROS and if Chubb gets hurt I still have Cleveland’s #1 on a much better offense, in my opinion. The problem for me is giving up Cee Dee even though I have stacked WR. Just working it through before tomorrow.

In smaller leagues it’s even more important to get the best player in trades rather than build depth (as depth is a lot easier to have). If this was a 10+ person league I’d probably say no but I could see this trade working out for you. I just think you should trade your worst WR out of your top 5ish. Not sure who that is though as they are all pretty close in rankings

With the smaller league and amount of starters you’re trotting out each week, you can afford to overpay to get who you want.

Easily Chubb > Najee, but I will say that I’d be trying to see if this can be done with you giving up Thielen or Godwin.

If it can’t, I still don’t hate it solely because of what you’d be left with week-to-week.