Nagy is definitely one to fear!

LOL…that man is one that is ALWAYS THINKING!!! How “wowing” was that play to throw in some DEF players and pull off a TD!!! I know that comes from the Coordinators. BUT…still had to go through Nagy!!! GUARANTEE IT!!!

LOL…look out for the Bears people!!!:rofl:
LOL…and I normally can’t stand the Bears!!!

As a rams fan, I ain’t worried. That’s the last time they’ll have home field advantage in those freezing temps. They ain’t winning the NFC. The only team I’m worried about is the saints.

Yeah… @Rbins40. Have to agree with you there. Think NO’s is gonna be the one to watch out for.

Just meant concerning the Bears…NEXT YEAR!!! They got a taste of the blood for the first time in HOW LONG??? LOL

And they’ve got Nagy now!!!