Najee/Evans for Barkley/Diggs?

I am being offered saquon Barkley and stefon Diggs for Najee Harris and Mike evans. Full ppr 10 man league. Not sure if I should take this… especially being a Steelers fan lol.

Other rb 1 is zeke and my other wr are Cooper kupp and adam thielan. Thoughts?

Dude hell ya. Take this right now. I understand the fan connection to Najee, I’ve felt that before with Broncos players (Broncos fan). But you can’t let that cloud you. This trade is a massive win for you. You’re getting the better RB (when up to 100% which will be soon) and by far the better WR. This is a grand slam for you. Take it today!

Yeah fighting the fandom here is hard. On top of that, how can we really be sure Barkley out performs Najee this season and if he ever returns to his true self. I’m concerned I’d give away the better back and my favorite Steelers player lol.

Given your fandom, I would say NOT to make the trade. It’s close enough that it’s not worth kicking yourself all season as Najee explodes.