Najee offer

I was offered najee and Marvin Jones in exchange for my James Robinson and Ridley.
Full ppr, keeper league. Note Robinson could be kept for an 11th rd pick

Would you take it?

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bump for advice. Cant decide if I am making an unnecessary move here (I am a trade addict). Team is obviously solid as is but the thought of having Najee and Cook is exciting. But that also hurts my Keeper situation for next year as J Rob should be a good keeper again

stay as is. dont forget entien is coming back next year

to be clear, I would be getting Najee and giving up Robinson…

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Thats a toss up

I think your team is still very good if you get najee and marvin but don’t think you need to

trade doesn’t hurt at all cuz your WR’s with toney, MT and starters are pretty solid so jones comes to be your weekly toss up between Lockett MT and Toney one of them will go off

but I think you could regret losing ridley potential if he does come back hot

Jrob and do najee numbers
Marvin hard to do ridley numbers if he comes back

jrob can do najee numbers that is

yeah Najee just feels like he is moving into that elite tier. And with Cook’s injury history I feel like he could be good insurance for me to make sure I still have a locked in top tier RB1. But you dont think there is much difference between JRob and NAjee? I guess my initial thought was I am WR heavy so upgrading RB and downgrading one WR seemed to make sense

I like the James Robinson and Ridley side, not by much tho. Najee could be a league winner but Marvin is a bit of a tire drop compared to the other three in this trade

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Ya, I think the jags are relying on jrob so ROS I think Jrob closer to najee then marvin to ridley ROS

Hope you took Najee !!