Najee or Kamara ROS

What do you guys think?
Someone just offered me Kamara for Najee straight up and at the beginning of the season I’d be so for it. Now? I’m thinking of keeping Najee. (This is a .5PPR)

I feel like I’m wrong for thinking that.
Although, pairing Jonathan Taylor with Kamara sounds awesome.

Help me think this out.

Thank you!!

With the QB position probably a question all year in NO, I’m not sure I’d do this.

If it were Siemian the rest of the way and we were 100% confident that Hill won’t split time or take the job I’d take AK over Najee.

Schedules are fairly even so no edge there, Najee gets so much volume both rushing and receiving I think he’s the safest ROS.

TDs may go AK’s way but I think his floor could be lower if we have QB changes in NO. I’d probably hold Najee as you know what you have in him and JT!


Thanks for the input.
I think I’m definitely gonna keep Najee. Over Kamara.

What a world.

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