Name Keepers first or Draft order?

We are going into our first year of having keepers. We have a rule that the winner of the losers bracket gets to pick the leagues draft order the next year (keeps the losers bracket playing after they are out of the running).
My question is, should I get the Draft order first, or make the league pick their keepers before the draft order is decided?

I make my league members submit keepers before draft order.

This is totally up to you. Depends how much freedom and strategy you want to give everyone. Also depends how you select the draft order. The way my league does this is we have some kind of competition to determine draft “choice” order. So if you have the #1 draft choice, you get to choose whatever pick you want, and so on. This way you won’t know the exact draft spot you will have, but you’ll have kind of an idea where it will be. We make everyone submit keepers before the draft, but everyone will kind of know who will be available around their first pick.

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This is exactly how I do it as well. We are doing a live combine presentation this year and whoever has highest SPARQ gets to pick first :laughing:

We have punishments for our “ultimate loser” and one of them is chugging/shotgunning 6 beers and doing combine events! haha.

If i had to do that, I would 100% throw up. I am a weakling when it comes to beer. Give me 6 shots of scotch over that all day.

I’ve been working out all year to hopefully become a <1 percentile SPARQ athlete…

It is 6 of one or half dozen of the other.

If you have to select keepers before knowing the draft order then I like keepers to be selected a week before the draft so that owners can mock draft knowing that specific players are not available.

Knowing your draft order before selecting your keepers and being able see which players other owners are not keeping can create some interesting strategy for your first two draft rounds.

I personally have no preference. They’re both fun and neither creates unfair or burdensome situations for owners.

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For me, I think Keepers first is better. It prevents keeping based on draft position. But there are benefits / drawbacks to both. I just like locking down keepers first.