Name Value vs Matchups! Discussion!

Footclan! Do you guys start your studs regardless of matchup? How do you know if a “name value” stud like Antonio Brown or Hopkins is truly matchup proof? Obviously those two are. But AJ Green and Baldwin have the name value… and also combined for 5 points today.

Should I have known better than to start Green and Baldwin? And how do I bring myself to start guys like Goodwin over studs like AJ Green or Mike Evans?

Looking to educate myself for next year. It’s easy to go after the name value studs… but it’s obvious only a few guys are matchup proof.

I think you really have to look at matchups and targets for guys like wide receivers as well as who the qb is. For example for today, green had to go up against a tough Minnesota secondary and Dalton has been bad, as opposed to goodwin who’s had a solid qb in garappolo, tons of targets and a great matchup.

I think only like 3 guys are maybe matchup proof in the league for wide receivers; brown, hopkins and Odell. I’d like to include Julio too he’s just been all over the place lately

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Right. That’s what I’m thinking… though I’d even go so far to say it’s ONLY Brown and Hopkins. More so Hopkins because he’s just so skilled regardless who throws him the ball. Brown is matchup proof because of talent and Big Ben (we’ll see after Ben retires).

But even Julio hasn’t been entirely matchup proof because of QB issues. Same with Odell with Eli being so inconsistent.

So then should we really be asking ourselves if we should start Julio, OBJ, Evans over guys like Woods, Goodwin?

That’s true, you never bench those guys ever. Another angle might be looking at how the offense is playing for the receiver in question. Like your playing woods in that insane rams offence over Evans and Tampa right now.

Exactly! It could be someone’s downfall in the playoffs if they start the name values over guys that are productive. If anything, it shows that RBs are easier to predict… whereas WRs aren’t. So to me, those matchup and QB proof WRs are more valuable than some of the RBs (other than Bell and DJ). But next year, I’d say that Julio and OBJ are not on that list… unless the NYG get a better QB in the off season.