Need 1, 12 team keeper

Had one drop from our keeper league. Need a replacement.

My plan is to continue as if the season will go uninterrupted. My speculation is that if there is any inference with the virus they will postpone the season, not cancel. Therefore we would pick up where we left off.

I’ll simply be using Venmo for payment this year, $100 buy in. Payout would follow. $100(3rd) $300(2nd) $800(1st)

Season starts September 10th. That being said with no preseason should there be no issue we can simply draft the weekend before the season starts September 5th. Since it is a keeper, have your keepers to me by August 29th which gives a week for everyone to digest. After August 29th, I will not being accepting new submissions for keepers unless there is an injury or covid issue with one of your players. I will post updates of who is being kept as I receive them over the next two weeks.

Covid positive players are eligible for IR. I believe the NFL rule is that they must go on IR for 3 weeks. I have granted everyone two additional IR spots. Those two additional spots are for Covid players. You may not put injured players in your other IR spots. For example if Tom Brady and Desean Jackson both sprain an ankle and can’t play, you can only put one on IR, the other two are reserved for Covid players. I don’t want to have to police this, but it’s unprecedented circumstances so Im giving my best opinion.

Keeper Rules

If you choose to keep two players, they must be of different positions.

Players must have been acquired through draft or trade, cannot have been acquired off of waivers.

You are allowed to roster a player for 3 years before they must be returned to the player pool

Year 1: Initial year acquired
Year 2: Kept in round drafted past season
Year 3: Kept at a one round penalty, return to player pool following this season. Should that player cost already be at a round one ADP they cannot he kept as no penalty can be assessed. E.g. If I keep Zeke this year for my first round pick, I cannot keep him again next year as I cannot be assessed a one round penalty.

The team up for grabs has the following notable eligible players. Lackluster other than Mahomes in my opinion.

Juju 2nd
Cooks 4th
Mahomes 14th (mahomes was kept once already in the 15th last season)

Feel free to message me on here or email me: []

is this spot still available

I would be interested if the spot is still available.