Need 1 more for start up dynasty league!

1 point PPR. Will live draft the last week of august or first week of September. We will pick a day that works for everyone. Once we fill the last spot we are going to vote on a few items. Team defense vs IDP, super flex vs standard, kicker vs no kicker, and lose a round next years keepers vs keep your entire roster vs another potential keeper option. If you join, just please be flexible. We are looking for fun, mature, and non dramatic people. Would love to start something for that runs for years to come! Buy in is 100 dollars. All funds tracked through leaguesafe.

Are you still looking?

Hello, i’m in. lmk if you still need numbers

Yes! Would you be up for joining still?

Yeahh this sounds fun. I do have a few questions if you don’t mind me asking. I can DM you now

Yeah shoot me a message on the sleeper app. Whodey735 is my user name. Feel free to ask any questions on this email chain as well!